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Great people who provided exactly the professionalism and service they describe on their website. I found their website because I needed help from someone who knew dirt bikes and might offer some advice on short notice. I was from out of state visiting my daughter who has a small Chinese dirt bike that needed service and hadn't been started for over a year. I thought it would be an easy fix but after a full day of cleaning the carburetor, the plug, the gas tank and trying to adjust and reset everything per the instructions on every YouTube site I could find, the best run time I got from it was maybe 30 seconds. I was able to take it over to this shop in the back of a pickup and ask questions about the various issues I had. After Jame's advice and suggestions I was able to bring it back home and properly redo my repairs and also replace other needed parts that James had noticed or weren't fixable. The bike then ran but not well and I brought it back to James and Robert who scheduled ...

- W J

Awesome. Better than gear cycle. Walked into suicycle and was pointed in the right direction to buy some new grips. On top of that i got a free pair of Awesome shades. Ill be coming in soon again for more stuff. Thanks guys keep the shop going. You're doing just fine as is.

- Fernando M

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The right choice
Nov 24, 2019

Awesome first time experience with bikes and gear associated with riding. My son wanted a bike and my wife and I were sceptical due to safety price and practicality. Robert and James took a crazy amount of time to explain all the details...safety( walked through each piece of gear and the whole fitting process)dual purpose bike (kid, me, wife could use same bike wife and I are shorties). Honestly this was the single best customer service I've probably ever had they did not need to spend all that time and explain all the fine details. They put the safety of the rider first and they have actual real life experience. I will definitely continue to take my son's new bike there for service wich the first service comes with a new bike. I'm not huge into man toys but my son has rode a few times and this is a huge opportunity to get out and have fun with him and the whole family and I think Suicycle Racing really try to promote healthy family fun.

- Elias S